“Hakone Ginyu” 宿PV JAPAN 箱根吟遊 02

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“Hakone Ginyu” 宿PV JAPAN 箱根吟遊 02
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箱根吟遊 ~神奈川県・箱根 宮ノ下温泉~

This ryokan located atop a cliff offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Hakone mountain range.
All guest rooms and the hallway have tatami floors, offering an exquisite Asian style design.
All guest rooms are equipped with their own private open air onsen. In addition, the public open air onsen is designed to trick the senses and make you feel as if you were floating in space.
The ryokan offers plenty of spa treatments as well, and many female guests choose to have one.
The majority of the guests place a reservation for their next stay at the time of check-out, which makes this ryokan known as the most difficult hotel in Japan to make a reservation for.

公式HP : http://www.hakoneginyu.co.jp/
貸切温泉どっとこむ : http://goo.gl/dJLzEx

The entrance and lobby are location on the top of the building.
You can get an excellent view, such as the Haya River and the Hakone Mountains, And in all the corridors, tatami mats are laid.