2000ベスト(ミレニアムベスト)本田美奈子 ベスト2000ベスト(ミレニアムベスト)本田美奈子 ベスト

ゴールデン☆アイドル 本田美奈子ゴールデン☆アイドル 本田美奈子

“Watashi No Otousan”(“O mio babbino caro”)-Minako Honda

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Minako Honda is a Japanese famous female singer. At first she was a pop singer. But she sang various kind of music since she took vocal lessons. She also acted Miss Saigon(Kim) and Les Miserables(Eponine) in the Japanese version. In recent years, she was trying to sing classical music like Sarah Brightman. Though she was in the middle of growth, unfortunately she passed away at 38 years old by leukemia in 6th Nov 2005.

This version has Japanese original lyrics.